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Field Action


200 Paintballs
Gun, Goggles
and Field Action
300 Paintballs
Gun, Goggles
and Field Action
400 Paintballs
Gun, Goggles,
Carry Pouch Hire
and Field Action
800 Paintballs
Gun, Goggles,
Vest Hire
and Field Action

All players must be
15 years of age or over.
Photo I.D. Required!!

Rambo Headband...$3

Our friendly referees
look forward to
seeing you soon!

Thanks Refs !!
for modelling
for all our Photos.

Gold Coast War Museum
Tourist Complex
42 John Rogers Rd.
Springbrook Rd.)
Gold Coast, Australia.

(07) 55305222

Paintball Skirmish HQ Gold Coast
" voted the friendliest field"

We play
7 days a week


* Skirmish is a great Gold Coast Holiday and
Leisure time Activity.
* Individuals or with Friends can play Skirmish
* Workmates and Social Days activities
* Sporting Clubs and School excursions / camps
* Gold Coast Action Bucks and Hens Parties
* Birthday Party and Christmas Parties
* Corporate Combat  team building for Conference Groups

Skirmish Gold Coast
Gift Vouchers

Looking for that Special Gift for a Birthday, Christmas or
Special Occasion, we have gift vouchers to suit your budget.
To find out more about this very different present ,
give us a call at Skirmish Gold Coast
(07) 55305222
or buy online and we will post one out!
Buy Gift Vouchers online here
Gift Voucher $50

Our Skirmish Gold Coast fields have excellent facilities
and equipment with strict safety standards to ensure
maximum enjoyment and excitement for your group,
large or small. Well earned rest breaks are taken
in the safety area between games to discuss tactics for the
next action activity.

Facilities: Eftpos and Credit Card, Toilets, Sealed Parking 
Cold drinks available.


Postal Address:
Skirmish HQ Gold Coast
P.O. Box 164
Mudgeeraba 4213
Gold Coast  Australia

Phone: (07) 55305222


3 Action Scenario Games during the session
... taking you to the edge of reality!

A number of different scenarios are created at
Skirmish HQ Gold Coast.

Imagine live battlefield action, find yourself in camouflage
seeking out the opposition's flag, you see movement
behind a bush 30 metres out front, yes it's a member
of the yellow team. You raise your gas powered
paintball gun and splat, a paintball finds it's mark,
leaving a splotch of paint on your opposition's shoulder.
You are playing Paintball
at Skirmish Gold Coast.

Skirmish is played by a group of players

who divide into two equal teams.
Starting from opposite ends of a field, they set out to capture
the opposition flag and return it to their own base.
On our battlefield, live games are played in a lightly
wooded area, with villages, forts, bunkers, dams and
bridges - plus real army tanks, combat helicopters,
vehicles and more.

When tagged you are not out.
Tagged with a paintball a player calls "hit"
raises their paintball gun above their head and
moves back 30 paces then resumes play.

The paintball is a round thin skinned gelatin capsule filled
with a non-toxic, water soluble, bio-degradable paint.
When a  paintball hits a player it's thin casing breaks,
leaving a coloured splat on the player's coveralls.